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    Nicknames: Sam, China (my mums nickname for me),
    Lifetime Points: 0
    Gender: Female
    Location: London, England
    Relationship: Single
    Orientation: Straight
    Children: Don't Know
    Body Type: Slim / Slender
    Height: 5'4"
    Religion: Mind Your Own Business
    Ethnicity: White / Caucasian
    About Me: Im Sam 22 from london, Im 3/4 irish & 1/4 italian. I'm about 5'4 with purple/brown hair. I'm a chilled out person, but also mad, out-going, fun, serious, weird, very open-minded, shy around new people (but give me time to get to know you & you'll wish i was still shy lol), eccentric, musical (currently helping my cousin set up his own band, which im currently trying to write songs for & I'm also helping one of my best mates with her band) & i'm kinda nutty but in a good way lol

    I've lived in london nearly all my life but spend two years living in ireland which i miss alot, I'd love to travel the world (esp, USA, China, Japan, Romania, Australia & south america)

    I dont have a typical dress code or stereotype thing, BUT IF i had to i'd say i'd be more of a punk/rock/grunge sort of person but mostly i'm just me, i'll wear what i wana wear, do what i wana do & say what i wana say! I have 5 best friends (their picture's are on my portfolio) Robert, Jodie, Mo, Adam & Sarah!

    If you wana know anything else, just email me, either here or
    Music: Good charlotte, Nirvana, Metallica, Slipknot, System of a down, finch, silverchair, Linkin Park, Papa Roach, Meatloaf, Jet, Hoobastank, Marilyn Manson, Bon jovi, Deep Purple, Ash, White Stripes, Avril Lavigne, Blink182, FooFighters, Evanescence, Green Day, Guns n Roses, My Chemical Romance, Nine Inch Nails, Rage against the machine, Zanzeiro, taking back sunday, offspring, incubus, The rasmus, dead kennedy's, ac/dc, Bowling for soup, tool, aerosmith, red hot chili peppers, Korn, Boy hits car, Slaphead, Deftones, Creed, Murderdolls, Static-X, Mudvayne, Insane clown posse, Disturbed, A.F.I (A fire inside) Funeral for a friend, Misfits, smashing pumpkins, simple plan, Third eye blind, HIM, Interpol, Autopilot off, Tenacious D, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Queen, Status Quo, Black Sabbath, Ah-Ha, Alice in chains, Hard-Fi, Kings of Leon, Black Label society, feeder, The truth is dead, Spin, The Addiction & lots lots more!

    If you ever need to check out any good music instruments (guitar: Bass, Electric, Acoustic or accessories then check this place out...they have everything!!
    Movies: Saw 1, 2 & 3
    The Grudge
    The Boogey Man
    American History X
    Jay & Silent bob (All Films, Dogma, Mallrats, Jay & silent bob: strike back etc)
    Interview with the vampire
    Harold & Kumar get the munchies: quest for white castle
    Nightmare on elm street: the collection
    Friday the 13th collection
    Lost boys
    South Park: The movie
    American werewolve in paris/london
    Without a paddle
    Queen of the Damned
    Matrix (all)
    Scary movie (all)
    Team America
    Nutty professor 1 & 2
    and lots lots more..but Basically, anything funny, scary, mysterous, fantasy, sci-fi etc but i'm mostly into horror & thriller
    TV: Buffy
    CSI: New York
    CSI: Miami
    CSI: Crime Scene Investigator's (normal)
    Family Guy (recently got into that)
    South Park
    Dark Angel
    Discovery channel
    Pimp my ride
    Extreme sports
    Books: Anything By:
    Stephen King
    James Patterson
    Mikivo Ysoviski
    Anne Rice
    Josephine Cox
    Darren Shan
    Likes: love music, extreme sports (BMX, skateboarding, aggressive inline blading, motor racing etc), films, inscence, fast cars & motorbikes, summer days/nights, lazy days in bed, pizza, italian food, indian food, junk food, drinking, watching dvd's, chatting to my best friends, sweeties, fizzy drinks, making my mates smile, spending time with my neice & nephew, being on the computer, penguins, iguana's, gecko's, snakes, tiger's, chinese dragon's, gemstones & crystals, other stuff to!
    Dislikes: Snobs, 2faced people, Racism, sexism (anything like that), backstabber's, perv's, chav's, people who think they are better than everyone else! Spider's, people who dont respect me, winter, happy-slapper's, war, Tony Blair & George Bush, close-minded people, Airhead prep girls, jock bum boys, wannabe poser's, baby pink (love fusion pink tho) some vegatables, hate being suck in door's with no money & nothing to do, hate fighting with my sister, hate it when people piss me off! hate it when people are mean to me friends (only i can do that..hehe)...other bits and bobs!
    Hobbies: Writing (songs poems stories etc)
    playing Xbox
    Being on computer
    learning more of my guitar
    Tattoo's & piercings
    gemstones, crystals!
    Learning about different religions (fav at the moment is buddhism & spiritualism)
    Heroes: I have no heroes

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